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Here is the right forum for you to seek help regarding your service matters. If you need any sort of help regarding the service matters, income tax deduction, pension matters, feel free to write to us and we will provide you with best legal assistance regarding your service problems. This forum is also to enable the employees to extend their expertise for the benefit of fellow colleagues. Frequently Asked Questions have already been addressed which can be seen for immediate guidance.

Feel free to post your service problems and service quires to have expert advise in accordance with relevant service rules.

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  1. I was serving as junior clerk in BP-5. I applied through proper channel and after examination appointed in BS-15 as stenographer on 07.06.2020 and joined on 10.06.2002 but due to less service of six months in December 2002 I was not granted annual increment. Whether I claim annual increment because only 10 days are less from six months on 01.12.2002? Please guide me.

  2. I would like to transfer my self on same designated post laying vacant. But want to know about rules first. Please guide me regarding.
    A project was terminated and staff was also terminated and that project was regulated shortly after, where the ex-Employee of same project makes a court case that its service should be restored as well.

    Can I make my transfer in this post or will I have to wait until the court decision is made?

    2nd party ex.employee of the same project who makes cout case is willing to make matual with me.

    Post. Clerk

    1. There is no such government instruction as to accommodate the senior for transfer to a desired station. Posting/Transfer is the administrative prerogative of the Authority and can be exercised purely in terms of discretion unless there is any policy framed for the purpose. Thus two representations for posting to a same station should be decided keeping in view the grounds of such transfer. The one offering more convincing reason for transfer will definitely win that station, otherwise the judicial forum, if approached can annul the orders on the touchstone of reasonability and fair play.

  3. Dear Bros. I am government Servant (SGA&CD) in Sindh Government later on, i had got admission in L.L.B (evening program) i have applied for Permission / NOC but not notified. the Permission / NOC is mandatory, Please provide rules, if any.

  4. Punjab govt main 17-A k teht appointment k leay died servant ya invalid servant ke koi length of service required hay??yeni itni service ho ge to 17A ke teht us Ka beta .beti.ya spouse ke appointment possible??
    Please guide

  5. السلام علیکم
    I want information about TA/DA on transfer out of district on own request.either eligible for TA or not?
    I have come to know that transfer is after particular period.then even on request . will be entitled for Transfer TA.
    Please guide

  6. Any employee now about if government employee (Sindh Government) want to Higher Education (in evening program) the NOC / permission is mandatory without it the degree is bogus? please provide authentic rule

  7. A complaint against,Punjabi forest officer /official was launched with ACE in 2009. After inquiry proceedings by different Inq. Officers , in Aug. 2015 (after 6.5years )
    Director Anticorruption dropped the case and sent to judge anticorruption for approval . After further laps of 3 years now in 2019: the respective judge anticorruption started court proceedings and Simmonds the concerned employees,while 2 of 5 have been retired from service for last 3years . There is not a single recorded evidence, witness in the file /case. Is there any relief may be begged, on any legal , time based ,retirement based, from the concerned or higher court of law for quashment / aquettle . An earlier advice /opinion is requested. Regards .

    1. It depends upon under which rules you are being proceeded against. If you are being proceeded against E&D Rules 1999, then there couple of remedies available for the redress of your grievances. However, if you are governed under PEEDA then the situation is entirely different because PEEDA gives enough room to Authority to proceed against the servant as per his will and discretion. The worst part of PEEDA is that it does not specify any time frame to complete the proceeding and further worst is that penalty can be imposed even after retirement. In your referred scenario you cannot file any petition until any adverse order is passed/inquiry is concluded.

    1. As such there is no government policy to accommodate spouses (working under federal and provincial government) to the same station. Both are to be governed under different administrative rules and thus will be quite difficult to find a merging point. There is only one possibility that one of you should move an independent representation for posting at some specific station (preferably near native town) and once acceded to, the other should move an application for posting at the station of his/her spouse on wedlock basis.

  8. Notification no FD (SRI) -1- 3970 vol III page no 43 pay Hostel warden allownce RS.100 p.m hy 45 saal guzar gay hn ye allownce revised nahi hua kiya koi notification hy es allownce ki revision ka

    1. Perhaps you are referring to Finance Division O.M. No.l(I)-Imp./83, dated 18-8-1983 which provides that the teachers who are assigned the duty
      of Hostel Wardens in Colleges and Polytechnic shall be allowed a Warden Allowance of Rs.100 per month. Neither the said allowance has ever been revised through any subsequent notification nor discontinued till now. However, the question of revising the rate of the allowance is concerned it would be most appropriate that the incumbents currently drawing the said allowance should agitate the matter before the relevant forum with cogent reasons as to why the warden allowance should be revised at some new rate. Unless the aggrieved is vigilant, the allowance will remain freeze at the rate of admissibility of 1983.

  9. it is submitted that I have been appointed as account officer (BS-17) on contract basis in a MINFAL funded project on 27th June,2009 after completion of the project on 30th June,2010 the finance department Islamabad converted the existing post from development to non development side, after creation of the post from Finance department the provincial government of Gilgit Baltistan has been pleased to extend the service against regular side w.e.f 1st July,2010. meanwhile That during the year 2011 the Establishment Division Islamabad has regularized the services of contractual / daily wages employees in all Ministries / Division. In this respect a meeting of the cabinet committee was held in establishment division Islamabad on 29/07/2011 and 28/08/2011. In which the following proposals was made to the prime Minister.
    I. Contract employees who have completed one year satisfactory services be regularized.
    II. Daily wages workers employee for 89 days (on spells) and completed of their services shall be regularized in conformity with the order of the Apex court.
    III. The case of contract employees of BPS-16 and above may be submitted to the committee for regularization of their services through cabinet decision instead of FPSC.
    It is further stated a meeting of the cabinet – Sub-Committee on regularization of contract/daily wages employees was held in Establishment Division Islamabad on 31/5/2012 at 2;00 pm under the chairmanship of Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah Federal Minister for Religious Affairs has discussed the case of the undersigned and other officers of Agriculture department GB and approved by the cabinet Sub-Committee for regularization of the services of the contract officers (BS-17) vide establishment Division Islamabad letter No.F.3/5/2011-Admn-1 dated the 13th June, 2012 .
    Furthermore it is pertinent to mention here that in pursuance of cabinet sub- Committee Establishment division Islamabad regarding regularization of contract employees 2 Drug Inspector (BS-17) have been implemented in Health department Gilgit Baltistan while my case is still pending so for despite at par of the above (02) Drug Inspectors.
    Further to above it is stated that i am serving 09 year 08 month against regular created post in agriculture department GB therefore you are requested kindly legal opinion/way about regularization of my services.
    thank you

  10. Salam. I am son of Deceased person…i have applied in education department for Jounior clerk post…the department appointed me as a lab assistant bps.07. I took charge under protest ….now i want jounior clerk job …..kindly guide me

    1. It is not possible that you applied against the post of Junior Clerk and the Department has appointed you as Lab Assistant. Just be sure about the fact of your case and forward relevant documents via email to have an opinion.

    1. As such there is no substantive policy regarding the wedlock transfers. There is only a guidelines issued by Federal Government wherein it was ordained that it should be tried to accommodate the husband and wife to the same station of posting as far as possible. However, it does not mean that every government servant has a right to be posted at the same station where his/her spouse is posted. Your notion regarding forceful transfer is altogether wrong because competent authority has all the powers to transfer you to any place and while accepting the terms and conditions of your appointment you have accepted to serve in every city of the province. Hence, you can submit a request in this regard but not as a matter of right.

    1. As per revised Allotment Policy 2018, In case an employee is transferred to some other city but within the Punjab, he can retain accommodation for a maximum period of two years provided his family lives in residence during the period.

  11. It is submitted that while working as Stenographer BS-12, awarded Selection Grade BS-15 & Move Over BS-16, and was drawing pay at maximum of Pay Scale-1994 Rs. 5490/- (2535-197-5490) before Revision of Pay Scales, 01/12/2001. My pay was fixed at Rs. 8320/- in BS-15 on 1/12/2001, without adding annual increment in BS-16, (1994) being at the maximum of the Scale.

    AS PER REVISION OF PAY SCALES 2001, the Initial Fixation of Pay was to be made as under:
    “Initial Fixation of Pay
    Pay of the employees in service on 30.11.2001 shall be fixed at the stage in the revised pay Scales which is as many stages above the minimum of the 1994 Basic Pay Scale.

    (7) Pay Fixation of employees in Selection Grade and those who have
    Moved Over to higher Scale
    Pay of an existing employee drawing pay by move over shall be fixed with reference to the pay scale of the post for the time being held by him in case the employee was drawing pay in a Selection Grade his pay will be fixed in the Selection Grade pay scale. The stage of fixation will be arrived at after allowing increments on notional basis in the original scale of post or the Selection Grade, in 1994 Basic Pay Scales, up to the point of existing pay. Pay of the employees will then be fixed at the relevant stage in the revised Pay scales, 2001.


    Assistant, BS-11 Selection Grade, BS-15, Moved Over BS-16 and in receipt of Pay of Rs. 5490/-, pay will be fixed in BS-15 i.e. Selection Grade pay scale at Rs. 8320/- as under:
    1994 Scale Stage 15

    1994 Scale Stage-15 Stage-16 Stage-17 Stage-18 Stage-19
    4845 5022 5199 7356 5553
    2001 Scale
    7260 7525 7790 8055 8320
    The example given as above, quoted in the notification of Revision of Pay Scales, 2001, was without adding annual increment in the BS-16 to be due on 1/12/2001.”
    However, as per clarification issued by the Government of Pakistan, and endorsed by the Government of Punjab as well on DATED: 3 NOVEMBER, 2001.

    Para 5 of Fin. Div O&M No. F.1(5)
    Imp/2001 dated 04.09.2001
    (i) Regarding the initial fixation of pay, the contention of AGPR is that pay of the
    employees in service on 30.11.2001 shall be fixed after allowing increment falling on
    01.12.2001, if due, in old scale. The viewpoint of AGPOR is confirmed

    In this way the pay was to be fixed by adding the annual increment in the Move Over Scale BS-16, but while endorsing the notification by the Government of the Punjab, no clarification was pointed out as in the Example-I of the Notification for Revision of Pay Scales, 2001, or for those who were at the maximum of their pay scales on 30/11/2001.

    However, the Government of the Pakistan Finance Division (Regulation Wing) vide U.O.No. 3(2) R-2/2009-424 dated 26/5/2010, has clarified the matter as under:-

    “Reference AGPR’s letter No. GA-IV/F.D.AR-69/09-10/1224 dated 19th May, 2010 on the above subject.
    2. The matter regarding grant of usual increment to all those who were not allowed annual increment due on 1/12/2001 due to the reason that they were at the maximum of 1994 pay scales has been considered in the light FST Judgment dated 3/7/2009 in Appeal No. 298(R)CS/2005 and it has been decided that the benefit of FST’s aforesaid judgment may also be allowed to all those officers who were in similar situation and were entitled to annual increment on 1/12/2001 but they were not allowed due to the reason that they were at the maximum of their pay scales.”

    Due to non adding of Annual Increment due on 1/12/2001, I am facing financial loss.

    It is therefore requested to kindly consider my request and I may kindly be allowed increment beyond the scope & maximum of pay scale BS-16 (1994) & re-fixation of pay in Revised BS-15 w.e.f. 1/12/2001, as per analogy of Government of Pakistan Finance Division (Regulation Wing) referred above U.O. dated 26/05/2010.

    1. First thing first. Be precise while framing your query. Revised Pay Scales 2001 Notification issued by the Government of the Punjab is quite clear to the following extent regarding the fixation of pay of moved over/selection grade employees:
      Admissibility of annual increment beyond maximum of the pay scale;
      Admissibility of annual increment on 1st December.
      Para 7 Example II of the said Notification is quite clear that annual increment beyond the maximum of the pay scales shall be allowed, subject to maximum of 3 increments, as personal pay;
      Para 8 of the said Notification states that Annual Increment shall continue to be admissible on 1st December each year.
      Thus to my view point your case in either side is covered under the said notification and you need not to cite Federal Government’s Notifications. All you need to do is to vehemently pursue your case with the concerned accounts office and you will win the case.

  12. Assalam o Alaikum
    I worked as a Junior KPO in Basic Scale 09 in Punjab University for 4.8 years. Now i have been posted as a junior clerk BPS-07 in District and Sessions Court Gujrat. I have started my pay as a newly joining clerk. May i avail Pay protection? is any rule please guide me.

    1. As per rule 4.4(a)(ii) of Civil Service Rules Punjab your pay will be protected if you were holding the post of KPO in Punjab University in permanent capacity. Your pay will be fixed at the stage next below the pay stage you were drawing as KPO and differential amount will be fixed as Personal Pay which will be merged in your basic pay when you will earn an increment in the new post.

  13. Assalamo Aleikum…
    My service is of about 10-years and now working in BS-16, I want two years Extraordinary Leave with Ex-Pakistan Leave. Is it possible.

    1. As per rule 9 of Revised Leave Rules 1981, you can avail/get 5 years maximum extraordinary leave. During Extraordinary leave you can apply for NOC to proceed abroad which may be granted without any further objection.

  14. If effects fundamental rights of someone in case rule can come into existence with effect from retrospectively. And whether a policy can supersede the Rules.

    1. Your first part of the question is bit ambiguous and thus cannot be answered. So far as the second part is concerned, policies are always formulated under some enabling clause of some statute and thus are as good as the substantive law unless it is against the spirit and intent of the main statute. You can get the idea that all the rules in province of Punjab are formulated under clause 23 of Civil Servant Act 1974 which speaks as under:
      23. Rules.— (1) The Governor, or any person authorized in this behalf may make such rules as appear to him to be necessary or expedient for carrying out the purposes of this Act. (2) Any rules, orders or instructions in respect of any terms and conditions of service of civil servants duly made or issued by an authority competent to make them and in force immediately before the commencement of this Act shall, in so far as such rules, orders or instructions are not inconsistent with the provisions of this Act, be deemed to be rules made under this Act.
      Sub-clause 2 is making the things clear that any rule which has been framed and enacted under any law before the commencement of this Act shall remain in field unless it is not inconsistent with the provisions of this Act. Hence, any policy which is against the Rules shall be liable to be set aside.

    1. Rule 8 of Efficiency and Discipline Rules 1975 provides initiation of De-novo Inquiry if the authority is not satisfied with inquiry report. However, the E&D Rules 1975 have been repealed by E&D Rules 1999. As per Rule 10 of E&D Rules 1999 if the authority is satisfied that inquiry proceedings have not been conducted in accordance with the rules or facts and merits of the case have been ignored, initiation of de novo inquiry can be ordered through a speaking order. Contrary to that Rule 6-A of E&D Rules 1973 (applicable to the employees of Federal Government) provides that authority can pass any orders as may be deemed fit through a speaking order in the proceedings which have either been pending before the inquiry officer or have been disposed of, thus providing a room for de-novo proceedings under the guise of revision.

    1. You have got a wrong notion that a civil servant can claim retirement after 10 years qualifying service. As per civil service pension rules, a civil servant can actually claim retirement, as a matter of right, only after 25 years qualifying service. However, after 10 years of service a civil servant is entitled of pension in case of invalidation (on medical ground) or in case of death. The bottom line is that you cannot claim retirement after 10 years of service, except on medical grounds on the basis of medical certificate issued by the Medical Board constituted by the appointing authority.


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