The Government of the Punjab, Health Department has issued notification regarding medical treatment facilities to retired government servants. Details are as under:

I am directed to refer the subject noted above and to state that the office of Hon’ble Minister for Health, Punjab, has received complaints regarding difficulties faced by the retired Government servants in getting their medical treatment at public sector hospitals in Punjab. The Competent Authority has shown a serious concern and has directed to facilitate all the retired Government servants either gazetted or non-gazetted, at the public sector hospitals for getting medical treatment of their ailments.

I am further directed to request that all the retired government servants who had served the country with zeal and zest, may be provided medical treatment facilities on top priority basis. Furthermore, these retired government servants may be provided free of cost medicines available from the hospital pharmacies as per their entitlement. In case of any complaint / non-compliance of the above directions of Hon’ble Minister for Health, Punjab. strict disciplinary action shall be taken against the responsible.

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