Revised Pay Package for Punjab Police

Chief Minister Punjab has been pleased to constitute a Committee headed by Finance Minister to review the pay package for Punjab Police. Detail is as under:

Chief Minister Punjab has been Pleased to constitute following Committee on subject matter:

  1. Minister for Finance
  2. Minister for Law
  3. Inspector General of Police P PO
  4. ACS (Home)
  5. Secretary Finance

2.       The Terms of Reference (TORs) of the Committee shall be as under:

i.        To compare and evaluate Special pay package I incentive introduced by the Government Of Punjab for Punjab Police in 2009 its diminishing effects with the passage of time.

ii.       To examine review the following proposals of Punjab Police as compared to the improved pay packages of employees of Civil Secretariat/other Departments etc:

a. Fixed Daily Allowance be granted as per revised daily allowance of 2013 or 2017 (instead of 2005) and its financial implication.

b. Police Law & Order Allowance be granted as per revised Pay Scales of 2011 or 2017 (instead of 2008) and its financial implication;

iii.      To harmonize the pay package of all formations of Police Department including Punjab Highway Patrol and Punjab Police Traffic Warden

3.       The Committee shall meet and furnish its the Chief Minister within fortnightly positively.

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