Clarification Regarding M.Phil Allowance Dated 12.04.2019

Government of the Punjab, School Education Department has issued latest clarification regarding the admissibility of M.Phil Allowance on 12.04.2019. Detail are as under:

Sr. No Query   Clarification
1 In number of cases the teachers (SST) have obtained M.Phil Degree without prior departmental permission NOC. In such cases, whether M.Phil Allowance may be granted or not.   Teachers who are already in service cannot take admission in universities I colleges to acquire higher qualification without proper Departmental Permission /NOC. However, if any NOC was requested well in time prior to admission in University / College to acquire Higher Qualification and it was delayed or not issued and the teacher took admission without waiting for NOC then those teachers may also be allowed M. Phil Allowance. However, this exercise not be repeated in future and all CEOs DEAs may be issued clear cut instruction in this regard.
2 In some cases. some employees got admission in M.Phil class prior to appointment in Education Department but after joining the Education Department they did not get departmental NOC, then M.Phil allowance may be granted or not As the employee get admission prior to their induction in Education Department, therefore, they are entitled for M.Phil Allowance.
3 If Departmental Permission is granted for some specific subject but the teacher obtained degree of M.Phil in some other subject, M.Phil Allowance may be granted to such teachers or otherwise. M.Phil Allowance will not be granted if permission was granted for specific subject but the teacher obtained M.Phil degree in other subject.
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One Response to "Clarification Regarding M.Phil Allowance Dated 12.04.2019"

  1. I was getting Special Compensation Allowance on the basis of ACMA @Rs.10000/- per Month
    Now department says you are allowed one allowance and not entitled Rs.5000 M.Phill Allowance.
    Please clarify.


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