According to Rule 3.2 of (Punjab) Civil Service Rules, Vol-I, except as provided in rules 3.3 and 3.4 no person may be substantively appointed in Pakistan to a permanent post in Government service without a medical/fitness certificate of health, which must be affixed to his first pay bill. 

NOTE 1 — Authorities competent to make first appointments may require the submission of a medical certificate of fitness from temporary or officiating Government servants. In any case they must satisfy themselves that the candidate is protected against smallpox.

NOTE 2 — (i) Medical certificates should ordinarily be required from candidates on first appointment to Government service if they are likely to officiate or to hold temporary posts for any period exceeding six months.

  • Re-employed persons who during their previous term of service under the Government had produced the required medical certificates need not be required to produce a fresh certificate unless the period between their discharge from their old posts and their appointment to the new posts is in excess of three months.
  • A temporary Government servant who has already produced the required medical/fitness certificate in one office, should not, if transferred to another office without a break in his service, be required to produce a fresh certificate. The person concerned should, however, obtain a certificate from the Head of Office from which he is transferred to the effect that he had already produced the requisite medical certificate of health.

NOTE 3 — Medical certificates obtained under note 1 and clause (i) of note 2 shall be retained by heads of offices and submitted to the Accountant-General only with the first pay bill in which the pay of the Government servants concerned as substantive holders of permanent posts is drawn.

NOTE 4 — The Accountant-General, Punjab, is authorised to accept certified copies of medical certificates of the Medical Board, attached to the office of the High Commissioner for Pakistan in England, in the case of officers of Provincial Service and holders of specialist posts recruited in England through the High Commissioner for Pakistan instead of the original medical certificates required under this rule.

According Rule 3.3, a competent authority may in individual cases dispense with the production of a medical/fitness certificate and may by general order exempt any specified class of Government servants from the operation of rule 3.2.

According Rule 3.4, the following classes of Government servants are exempted from producing a medical/fitness certificate of health:-

  1. A Government servant appointed by the High Commissioner for Pakistan.
  • Government servants, other than those serving under the High Court, whose service is classed as inferior.

NOTE 1 — The production of a medical certificate is necessary in the case of a Government servant promoted from non-qualifying service paid from a local fund to a post in superior Government service.

NOTE 2 — No medical certificate is necessary upon a Government Servant being promoted from inferior to superior service, even though while in inferior service he may have been paid from a local fund.

NOTE 3 — Lady Teachers should produce a medical certificate of fitness within one year from the date of appointment.

NOTE 4.—Government servants referred to in clause (2) above and candidates for inferior service under Government, whether temporary, officiating or permanent shall either:

  • produce a certificate that they have been vaccinated within the last 12 months or have been re-vaccinated within the last 12 months or have already had smallpox and show obvious scars thereof; or
  • in the case of candidates for inferior service under Government shall satisfy a responsible official of the department in which they seek employment, that one or other of the conditions mentioned in the certificate required under clause (i) is satisfied.

According Rule 3.5, the medical certificate of health shall be signed by the District Health Officer of the district in which the candidate applies for employment unless the head of the office or of the department in which the candidate seeks service directs that the District Health Officer of some other district should grant the certificate : provided that:-

(i)          in the case of a female candidate, the certificate may be granted, at the option of the candidate, and with the previous permission of the District Health Officer of the district:

  1. by a member of the Women’s Medical Service, Pakistan,
  • by a registered lady doctor holding a qualification registerable by the Pakistan Medical Council.

 The certificate issued by a lady doctor shall except in the case of a certificate granted by a member of the Women’s Medical Service, Pakistan be countersigned by the District Health Officer;


  1. in the case of a candidate for appointment to a post on pay not exceeding fifty rupees, the appointing authority may accept a certificate signed by any medical officer, irrespective of the medical qualifications ;
  1. in the case of a candidate for appointment to a Gazetted post, the medical certificate of health shall be signed by the standing Medical Board at Lahore or the standing Invaliding Committee at Multan and Rawalpindi.

According Rule 3.6, When a Government servant in whom a defect has been noticed by the examining District Health Officer, but which defect is not considered to be a disqualification for employment in the particular office or department in which he is serving, is subsequently transferred to another office or department the duties of which are of a different character, the transfer shall not be regarded as permanent until the District Health Officer or other medical authority referred to in rule 3.5 has, at the written request of the head of the new office or department, certified either that the defect previously noticed has disappeared or that it does not constitute a disqualification for the new duties entrusted to the servant.

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