I am directed to refer to this Department’s Circular letter No. SOR-II (S&GAD) 8-57/71 dated the 21st October, 1971, in which a firm policy was laid down that the domicile declared by a person at the time of entry into service will be treated as final throughout his service career and no subsequent change would be recognized or reflected in his service record. These instructions apply to serving Government servants, but there is no restriction on candidates, applying for different jobs, that the domicile declared while applying on an earlier opportunity will not be allowed to be changed. Instances have come to the notice of Government that certain candidates applied for a vacancy allocated to a particular zone and produced domicile certificate from that zone. They were not selected. Subsequently, a vacancy allocated to the other zone was advertised and the same persons again offered themselves as candidates from that zone on the strength of a domicile certificate from one of the districts in the zone.

2.                     Government is of the view that if this practice is allowed on the part of candidates it would tend to defeat the very object of zonal allocation of vacancies. The aim of allocating vacancies to a particular zone is to ensure that bona fide residents of that zone get adequate representation in Government service. It has therefore, been decided that the domicile declared by a candidate while applying for one job will be considered final and he will not be allowed to produce a different domicile certificate for another job.

3.                     The same principle would apply in the case of candidates who have obtained the benefit of domicile in case of admissions to educational/professional institutions. If a particular domicile was declared for the purpose it would be treated as final when the candidate seeks employment in Government service.

No. SOR.II(S&GAD)8-54/73 Dated the 15th June 1973

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