Issuance of Passport in Change of Profession (Especially regarding Government Servants)

Government of Pakistan, Directorate General (Immigration & Passports) have issued a letter on 11.03.2019 regarding issuance of passport in case of change of profession especially regarding the Government servants. Detail is as under:

I am directed to refer to the subject mentioned above and to say that Ministry of Interior has conveyed approval of the Federal Cabinet vide Cabinet Division letter No. 096/CM\2019-D dated. 22nd February, 2019 for the proposal with regard to issuance of passport to the Government Officers, Officials who obtained passports in private capacity being Government employee in concealment of Government service, as under-:

  1. The Government Officers/Officials, who obtained passport in concealment of profession, are advised to approach Passport Offices concerned alongwith NOC and recommendations of their respective departments to get their passport data rectified and fresh passport issued. modifying profession as Government Service, within three months of issuance of this letter.
  2. The Government Officers/Officials who obtained passport before joining the Government service are advised to correct their data by applying a fresh passport and producing NOC from their parent departments, within three months of issuance of this letter.
  • In addition to the prescribed passport fee, additional charges of Rs 5000/- will be levied on defaulting Officers/Officials who obtained passports in private capacity being government servants.
  1. On expiry of given date/period of three months, the passports of defaulting officers/officials will be cancelled/blocked by and legal action under the relevant Section of Passport Act 1974 shall be initiated against them by the departments concerned through FIA under intimation to this Directorate General.

2 In the light of above. it has been decided that-

  1. Zonal Heads are authorized to review the recommendations of Government employees from their respective departments regarding obtaining passports in concealment and approval will be accorded by the Zonal Head for the cases forwarded to them by the RPOs under their control.
  2. All those cases which are already referred by different RPOs to this Directorate General may be disposed off, in the same manner. This practice shall remain enforced during the amnesty.
  • All RPOs, who have already processed the cases of Government Officers/Officials after obtaining approval from Headquarters must write to such employees for submission of additional fee during the amnesty period i.e. 3 months. In case. lee is not paid by such individuals during grace period. Their cases will be reported to Directorate General so that their passports ate blocked, till the submission of the additional fee.

This issues with the approval of Director General Immigration & Passports

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