Amendment in Para 9(1)(ii) of Promotion Policy 2010

Services and General Administration Department, Government of the Punjab has amended the Promotion Policy 2010 and para 9(1)(ii) has been substituted on 06.02.2019 as under:


Kindly refer to the subject noted above.

On a Summary. initiated by the Regulations Wing, S&GAD, the Chief Minister Punjab has been pleased to allow substitution of existing Para 9(1)(ii) Of the Promotion Policy, 2010 as under:-

Para 9(1)(ii)

  • PER dossier is incomplete, especially last full year’s report is missing or any other document information required by the Provincial Selection Board (PSB) or Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC) for determining his suitability for promotion is not available. However, the officer whose PER form is duly initiated by the Reporting Officer but the Countersigning Officers fail to record their remarks within two months or by March 31, whichever is earlier, such officer may be considered for promotion on the basis of remarks of the Initiating Officers in addition to the overall service record.’
  1. Further necessary action may be taken accordingly.

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