NOC/Permission for Further/Higher Studies During Service

Here I am sharing with fellow colleagues the relevant rules regarding NOC/Permission for Further/Higher Studies During Service and will also clarify whether it is mandatory for government servant to apply for permission to pursue higher studies during course of his service.

Civil Servant Code of Conduct 1966 is devoid of any specific provision regarding grant of NOC/permission for further studies during Government Service. However, in 60s some Government Instructions were issued perhaps feeling the exigencies of the circumstances. Here it would be quite appropriate too highlight Study Leave Rules contained in Civil Service Rules Punjab Vol-I i.e 8.86 & 8.129
Those specific Provision were especially regarding the Higher Studies and it was specifically provided in Rule 9 of Appendix 20 to that Rules that study leave for two years may extended to four years for the Doctorate Degree. It is however pointed out that in those rules too there is nothing regarding permission/NOC for further studies.

on 21.06.1960 a Government instruction bearing No.S(R) 1357/1-26-58-SO-XIII was issued providing as under:
(a)  Government servants should not under any circumstances be allowed to attend any classes or courses during office hours.
(b)  Outside office hours, they may attend classes/courses. No formal permission is necessary in such cases. They may only inform the Head of their Department that they are attending such classes/courses. If, however, it is found that by attending such classes/courses the work of the Government servant is suffering the Head of Department, may by an order, stop the Government servant from attending such classes/courses.
It categorically put an embargo on studies/courses during office hours with an explicit direction that outside office hours no formal permission is necessary except a formal intimation to the Head of Department regarding attending such classes. It is clear that implicitly every Government Servant is permitted to attend evening classes unless it adversely affect his performance and thus explicitly restrained, by an order from his head of department, to attend such classes. This instruction was further affirmed on 27.04.1962 vide No.S(R).1151/1-26/58-SO-XIII with slight modification that intimation must contain the name of the Institution the servant had joined.
The above instruction was reiterated in a belated notification dated 17.03.1972 vide No.SORI(S&GAD)1-70/71 which provides that in future Government servants preparing to take any examination, whether with or without attendance at evening classes, should inform the Head of Department in writing of their intention to do so before beginning preparation or six months in advance of the examination, whichever is earlier.
Apart from above there is no Instruction on record requiring Civil Servants to apply for prior approval NOC/Permission for Further/Higher Studies During Service. Thus, unless explicitly restrained, every servant is allowed to join evening classes.

Now comes to the mater of M.Phil and Ph.D classes.

Prior to 2000 AD, classes for both of above degrees were conducted in the evening sessions and in most cases the classes were conducted on weekends. Thus in those days there was no formal permission necessary for those courses. However, subsequently, Universities commenced morning programms for both degrees and requires Government Servants to submit NOC of their employer for admission. It is thus the students/scholars began to apply for NOC/permission for studies. Once, the employer has issued NOC for admission, it necessarily entails grant of study leave too. Study Leave Rules as referred supra are limited to some specific Departments unless extended/adopted by other departments. It is however must be kept in mind that there is no specific rule requiring Civil Servant to apply for NOC/Permission for further studies.

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7 Responses to "NOC/Permission for Further/Higher Studies During Service"

  1. If a person join a gov job and before joining he/she was already enrolled in BSCS program and his 1st semester result was also declared then in that case whether NOC is required or not ??
    Waiting for your kind response.

  2. Hi, I am a an employee of govt. Autonomous body. I applied for M. Phill program and class timing was after the office hours. Still I applied for NOC but they refused stating that your service in the organization is 4 years and it should be atleast 5 years to be eligible. Kindly guide me.

    1. If a person was employeed on adhoc basis and was not entitled for NOC, and he got admission in m.phill progrmae in evening and latter on he was regularised.
      What than is the scenerio???
      Pls guide as per rules..

  3. If a person join a gov job and before joining he/she was already enrolled in MS or Mphill program and his 1st semester result was also declared then in that case whether NOC is required or not ??
    Wainting for your kind response.

    1. If before joining government job you were already enrolled in any academic course you are bound to intimate the head of the department as soon as you get in service. Here you should be clear that if the course you are already enrolled in is a full-time course during office hours you shall be restrained from attending that course through a written order. However, if the course of evening type neither you are bound to apply for NOC nor the authority can restraint you to attend the classes. In either case, as per government instructions no formal permission is necessary for attending evening classes except intimation to the head of the department.


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