Government of the Punjab has circulated the steps involved in sanction of pension under pension roll system. Details are as under:

Step-1  (Action by Administrative Department) Every Administrative department / Appointing Authority shall notify a list of all government servants (both gazetted and non-gazetted) who are due to superannuate in the ensuing calendar year. Such list shall be issued in the last quarter of the outgoing calendar year and circulated to all concerned, including the Accountant General, Punjab.

Step-2.  (Action by Accountant General Punjab). The Accountant General, Punjab shall scrutinize the list circulated by the AD / Appointing Authority and cross-check the details with their own record and reconcile discrepancies, if any.

Step 3  (Action by Retiring Government Servant). The retiring government servant shall provide the following information (in the prescribed proforma (Annex-A) to the Pension Sanctioning Authority, 120 days prior to the date of his retirement:-

  • A list of family members
  • An undertaking / consent for making good any dues / recovery established against him on any account during his life time / or after his death.
  • Option for getting full pension or with commutation (maximum upto 35% of gross pension).

Step 4  (Action by Pension Sanctioning Authority). Immediately on the receipt of the aforesaid information / certificates, the administrative cum financial sanction for pension/commutation shall be accorded in favour of the retiring Government servant. The pension shall be sanctioned in appropriate form placed at Annex-B(I-IV), with or without commutation, as opted by the retiring government servant. This shall be subject to recovery of any sum duly established against him during his service or after issuance of notification / orders of retirement. This action will be completed by the Pension Sanctioning Authority (PSA) 90 days before the date of superannuation of the retiring government servant on the basis of monthly salary slip, service record available with it and information provided by retiring government servant.

Step 5  (Action by AG, Punjab). On the receipt of Notification/Orders of retirement on superannuation and sanction of pensionary benefits, the AG, Punjab shall determine his pension/commutation and issue pension authorization letter / pension payment order (PPO) to the retiring government servant, under intimation to PSA, indicating its pension cost center/specifically allocated by the latter, beside issuing payment advice to the banker of the retiring government servant for transfer credit of pensionary dues in the bank account in which his last salary was credited.

Step 6  (Action by Pensioner). The Pensioner drawing pension through direct credit shall produce a life certificate to the Accountant General, Punjab bi-annually in the prescribed proforma (Annex-C) in person or through his representative or by post / courier service.

Step 7  (Action by Accountant General, Punjab). In case the life certificate is not received in the office of the Accountant General, Punjab, on the expiry of six months, he shall stop the pension and send a letter at pensioner’s address informing about the stoppage of his pension due to non-receipt of his life certificate, under intimation to the Manager, of the concerned Bank maintaining the account of the pensioner.

Step 8  (Action by Accountant General, Punjab). In case, a pensioner produces the life certificate subsequently to the Accountant General, Punjab, he will release / authorize the pension, including arrears, to the concerned bank under intimation to the pensioner.

Step 9  (Actions by Bank and Accountant General Punjab). The Bank (Main Branch or its dealing Wing) and Accountant General, Punjab shall carry out reconciliation on quarterly basis regarding new pension authorized, pension transferred to other places, pension stopped/restored, pension discontinued, pension amended, on the basis of full details and particulars of pensioners. Reconciliation statement shall be signed by the officers of BS-17 or above/equivalents in banks and copies shall be retained as permanent record. Any discrepancy shall be resolved within six weeks. The responsibility for disciplinary action and reporting to crime investigation agencies, if needed, will rest with the end where fraud etc. is detected.

Step-10 (Action by Accountant General Punjab).The Accountant General, Punjab shall send a copy of pension roll to the Pension Sanctioning Authority in July and January each year. The Pension  Sanctioning Authority shall verify the bonafides of the pensioners and report back to the Accountant General, Punjab for any exceptions.

Step-11 The Additional Chief Secretary will hold monthly review of disposal of pension cases on the basis of data provided by the Pension Reform Unit of the Finance Department. The Chief Secretary may review the disposal of such cases in the quarterly meeting of the Administrative Secretaries to the Government of the Punjab.

Step Involve in Sanctioning of Pension

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