Clarification Regarding “Look After” Arrangement and Additional Charge Allowance

Government of the Punjab has issued clarification regarding the look after arrangement and Additional Charge Allowance. Details of the notification are as under:

Will the Under Secretary (SR-I) Government of the Punjab, Finance Department kindly refer to his letter No.FD.SR-I-9-15/97 dated 04.09.1997 on the subject noted above.

2. There is no provision of looking after the work in rules/policy. The Regulation Wing is of the view that look after arrangement means holding additional charge of another post.

look After

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2 Responses to "Clarification Regarding “Look After” Arrangement and Additional Charge Allowance"

  1. As per rules, is a non gazetted government official i.e office assistant of BPS 16 assume the look after charge of gazetted post of BPS 17. Kindly reply with reference. thanks


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