Pay Fixation on Promotion

Government of the Punjab Finance Department has issued Notification on 18-09-2018 in connection with Pay Fixation on Promotion of the employees who are drawing Personal Pay /Special Pay. Detail of the notification is as under:

Kindly refer to your letter No.TM-I/1-1A/2017-18/Part File/2473, dated 27.08.2018, on the subject cited above. It is to intimate that the case of Mr. Liaqat Ali Dogar, being different with the case of Section Officers who have not reached at the maximum of their pay scales, needs amendment in the rules which is under process.

  1. However, you are advised to fix the pay of all Section Officers who have not reached the maximum of their pay scales as in the manner as already conveyed vide letter dated 15.05.2018 as under:-
  2. Basic pay in BPS-17 as Private Secretary + Special Pay = Next above stage in BPS-17 on promotion as Section Officer (BS-17).
  3. Add one advance increment in terms of Rule 10.2(V) of the Pay Revision Rules, 1977 read with Finance Department`s Notification No. FD.PC. 10-1/78, dated 19.09.1990 (copy enclosed).

No.FL.PC-10-1/78, In exercise of the powers conferred under Section 23 of the Punjab Civil Servants Act, 1974 (VIII of 1974) and In supersession of this Department`s Notification of even number dated 10-1-1982, the Governor of the Punjab in pleased to direct that in Punjab Civil Servants Pay Revision Rules, 1977, the following amendments shall be made with effect from 01.05.1977

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One Response to "Pay Fixation on Promotion"

  1. It is submitted that the Director-General Agriculture OFWM Punjab, Lahore awarded me Time Scale BS-16 w.e.f. 01-01-2016.
    The case was submitted to District Accounts Office Vehari, and fixed my pay as detailed below.
    Pay on 31/12/2015 in BS-15 (10985-905-38135) with Personal Pay(38135+2715) 40850/-
    Pay fixed on 1/1/2016 in BS-16(12910-1035-43960) (Time Scale) 40855/-
    Pay on 1/7/2016 in Revised BS-16(15880-1280-54280) 50440/-

    It was requested to kindly fix my pay in terms of Para – 4 of the Notification issued by Govt. of the Punjab, Finance Department, vide No. FD.PC.2-1/2016 dated 18-07-2016, as produced below, so that I may get the due financial benefits. (Copy enclosed)
    “4-Fixation of Pay on Promotion In cases of promotion from lower to higher posts/scales before introduction of these scales, the pay of the employees concerned in the revised pay scale may be fixed and so enhanced that it would not be less than the pay that would have been admissible to him if his promotion to the higher scale/post had taken place after the introduction of these scales.”
    Had the provisions contained in above Para-4 was adopted, then I was to be fixed as detailed below:-
    Pay on 1/1/2016 in BS-15 (10985-905-38135) with Personal Pay(38135+2715) 40850/-
    Pay on 1/7/2016 in Revised BS-15(13510-1120-47110) 50470/-
    Pay fixed on 1/7/2016 in BS-16(12910-1035-43960) Time Scale 51720/-

    Your honor is therefore approached to kindly, have your master opinion/clarification in this regard, so that I may get the due financial benefit under Para-4 as produced above.


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